High School Select Program

High School Select Program



Metro FC offers opportunities to train year round for all age groups.

The absolute best training and coaching staff in the entire Dayton area.

Goalkeeper training for players.

Age appropriate and developmentally appropriate training curriculum for all age groups.

Metro FC, at the high school age groups, prides our program on offering players the opportunity to compete at the highest level that he or she may choose. Metro FC attends the best college recruiting showcase events, plays in the most competitive leagues, and provides a quality learning environment to all players involved in the program. We also provide players an opportunity to play at a more local level, attend appropriate level competitive tournaments, and play at an appropriate competitive level. We fully understand that every player may have a different goal pertaining their soccer career. Metro FC provides an opportunity for each player to participate at a level that allows each player to earn their playing goals.

Metro FC has raised the bar in the Dayton area for high school aged players. We have placed numerous athletes in college programs (please visit our alumni page for listings) and have had the most high school All-American, All-State, All-Conference, and All-League selections over the past 9 years than any other program in the Dayton area. Metro FC hosts a bi-annual college recruiting seminar that educates parents and players about the college recruiting process, NCAA Rules, academic requirements, and how to get recruited by college coaches. This event is a great tool that has helped numerous players through the process.

High School Player Fees are all inclusive except for uniforms (every two-three years) and optional indoor leagues during the winter months. Fees do include indoor training,  tournaments (number of tournaments per team based on team age and level), coaching salaries.
**Fees for teams are subject to change based on rising cost of tournaments, facility rental fees and league fees.

Our fees are comparable with other top clubs in Ohio South. You will find that some clubs may appear to be cheaper, however, most do not offer the level of training, coaching, and competition that Metro FC can offer. Metro takes pride in offering a great product for area youth soccer players at an affordable cost. Please contact Club Director, Kevin Arcuri at kevinarcuri@aol.com or 937-371-0869 for more information about Metro FC.