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Player code of ethics

Make a commitment to play Metro FC and to be at the games and practices. Live up to your commitment.  When you don’t, you let down not only your coach and your teammates but most of all yourself.  Players should always show respect for:

  • Themselves - You are here to learn the game, to grow and mature, to develop as a player and a person, and to learn sportsmanship and respect. Remember you will have both good and bad days. Don’t get down on yourself because of a missed goal or other mistake. Most of all we are all here to have fun.
  • Coaches - The coaches are here to help each player grow as a player and as a person. Their responsibility is to teach you the game, sportsmanship and respect for others. Be confident that the coach has the overall team welfare as his/her primary concern. When a coach is talking to you about something you may have done wrong, they are trying to teach you the game and help you grow, not to berate you or to make you feel bad. They are here to help you grow in other ways also, such as in relationships with others and in self-respect. The coaches want you to succeed.
  • Teammates - Appreciate your teammates. You cannot win without them and they without you. Good morale and team spirit helps win games and will make the season more fun for all. Respect your teammates. Some of them may not be as capable as you. Help them to learn and grow, just like you want players better than you to help you. Just like you they will have good and bad days and also make mistakes and play good.
  • Referees - The referee’s job is to keep the game fair, not perfect, but fair. They are like a policeman and judge rolled into one. Respect their calls, not all will be perfect and mistakes will be made. Without referees we have no competitive games. Just like us, they are human.
  • Other Team, Parents and Coaches - The players and coaches on the other team want to play soccer. They may not always act in a sportsmanlike manner, but that does not change the way you act. Treat others as you want yourself and your team treated. Soccer is designed to be played by a set of rules. More importantly, it is meant to be played by players who respect not only the letter of the law but also the spirit of the law. You are a representative of not only yourself but also your team and teammates, Metro F.C., your parents and your city. Your appearance and conduct must be professional at all times and always enhance the image of our club to the public.
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