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Parent code of ethics

As a parent we have a major effect on how our child plays and his/her attitude about their level of play. Our children learn by example and we are their most powerful example. We need to keep our effect on our child and his/her teammates positive and in perspective. We as parents need to show respect for:

  • Ourselves - What kind of example do we show our kids when we fail to act in a sportsmanlike manner? We need to remember to allow our child to be a child and enjoy the game. Be knowledgeable about the game. Be supportive by making sure the player attends practice, by your attending his/her games, and by being positive or quiet at games.
  • Players - Remember that each child on the field also has a parent that feels about them as we do about our child. Respect each and every child and allow them to do their best and to enjoy the game. Keep all comments positive. Most of all cheer them on.
  • Coaches - The coach is the leader and an example to our children. We need to respect his/her calls, who they play, when they play a child, and how much they play a child. They are doing their best to help our child grow and learn as well as develop a winning and positive attitude. If you have a problem with the coach, DO NOT confront him/her on the field, at a game or when the players are around. Wait till after practice/game or call and talk on the phone. This is just respect you show anyone and you want the players to maintain their respect for the coach and for you.
  • Referees - The referee’s job is to keep the game fair, not perfect, but fair. They are like a policeman and judge rolled into one. Respect their calls, not all will be perfect and mistakes will be made. Try to support the referee’s decisions, do not be loud and offensive. Without referees we have no competitive games. Just like us, they are human.
  • Other Team, Parents and Coaches - The players and coaches on the other team want to play soccer. They may not always act in a sportsmanlike manner, but that does not change the way you act. Treat others as you want yourself, your child and his/her team treated. Cheer the good play of all players and let the kids be kids.
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